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COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce some changes following the governor’s Covid Update!

1- Masks are optional when inside the Sanctuary!

2- Fellowship Time is Back!  Coffee and bush tea are available in the pavilion after the service as we take time to reconnect. 

3- The nursery is open for parents with young children; they need to stay in the room as it will not be staffed at this time. The service is live-streamed into the room for your convenience.



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  • All STRC choirs are currently on break for the rest of the summer. The Adult Choir will resume rehearsals on Thursday, September 8th. YouthSong will resume rehearsals on Saturday, September 17th. Children's Choir will resume after worship on Sunday, September 18th. 

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Order of Worship

St. Thomas Reformed Church

St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands

Founded 1660

We Welcome One and All

In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Sunday Worship @ 10 a.m. AST

STRC Bulletin







Introit (C)

“You Are Alpha and Omega”

You are Alpha and Omega We worship You, O Lord

You are worthy to be praised We give You all the glory


Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.


Turn again, O God of hosts, look down from heaven and see; Regard this vine that you have planted,

Connected as we are to your chosen people.

Regard this church that you have planted,

United as we are in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Regard the faith of those you have nurtured,

Rooted as we are in your holy Word.


*Hymn #64 (O) ‘We Sing Your Mighty Power, O God’

We sing Your mighty power, O God That made the mountains rise

That spread the flowing seas abroad And built the lofty skies

We sing the wisdom that ordained



 The sun to rule the day

The moon shines full at Your command And all the stars obey

We sing Your goodness, sovereign God Who filled the earth with food

You formed the creatures with your word And then pronounced them good

Where'er we turn our eyes

If we survey the ground we tread

Or gaze upon the skies

There's not a plant or flower below

But makes Your glories known

And clouds arise, and tempests blow

By order from Your throne

While all that borrows life from You

Is ever in Your care

And everywhere that we can be

You, God, are present there



Call to Confession


Unison Prayer of Confession

Loving and compassionate God, we recognize that you have done everything needful for us to lead holy and fruitful lives, yet, where you expect justice, you see anger and violence; where you expect righteousness, you hear of sin; where you expect us to yield good fruit, we have gone sour. Forgive us, O God. Stir up your might, and come to save us! Rescue us from ourselves and separate us from sin.


Response (P)​​​     ‘Forgive Our Sins’ ​​​Herklots/Schaffer​

Forgive our sins, as we forgive

You taught us, Lord, to pray

But You alone can grant us grace

To live the words we say


Lord, cleanse the depths within our souls

And bid resentment cease

Then bound to all in bonds of love

Our lives will spread Your peace​​


Words of Assurance and Hope



Children’s Message


*Hymn #545​(P)​​     ‘He Leadeth Me’​​​Gilmore/Bradbury

He leadeth me: O blessed thought

O words with heavenly comfort fraught

Whate'er I do, where'er I be

Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me 


He leadeth me, he leadeth me

By his own hand he leadeth me

His faithful follower I would be 

For by his hand he leadeth me

Lord, I would place my hand in thine

Nor ever murmur nor repine

By waters still, o’er troubled sea 

Since 'tis thy hand that leadeth me (refrain)

And when my task on earth is done 

When by thy grace the victory's won

E'en death's cold wave I will not flee 

Since God through Jordan leadeth me (refrain)


Scripture: ​​Luke 12:49-56


Message: ​​“Times, They Are a Different“​​  -Pastor Ben Rowe




​Offertory (P)   ​​ “Great Is the Lord”​​​​​Smith   Great are You, Lord

You are holy and just

By Your power, we trust in Your love

Great are You, Lord

You are faithful and true

By Your mercy, You prove God is love


Great is the Lord

And worthy of glory

Great is the Lord

And worthy of praise

Great is the Lord

Now lift up your voice

I lift up my voice

Great is the Lord

Great are You, Lord

​       ​​


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow

Praise God, all creatures here below

Praise God above, ye heavenly host

Creator, Christ, and Holy Ghost



Pastoral Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer


*Hymn ​​​     ‘Give to Our God Immortal Praise’​​DUKE STREET

Give to our God immortal praise

Mercy and truth are all God’s ways

Wonders of grace to God belong

Repeat God’s mercies in your song


God built the earth, God spread the sky

And fixed the starry lights on high

Wonders of grace to God belong

Repeat God’s mercies in your song

God fills the sun with morning light

And bids the moon direct the night

God’s mercies ever shall endure

When suns and moons shall shine no more


God sent the Son with pow’r to save

From guilt and darkness and the grave

Wonders of grace to Christ belong

Repeat His mercies in your song


Through this vain world God guides our feet

And leads us to the heav'nly seat

God’s mercies ever shall endure

When this our world shall be no more