Breaking Bread Groups

Sharing a meal together, connecting in fellowship and deepening our relationships with Jesus.

Let us give thanks and break bread together…Luke 22:19

What is a Breaking Bread Group?

A fun and friendly way to gather together, share a meal together (Breaking Bread) in small group. BB groups meet once a month (minimum) in three months sections and are randomly organized and kept small to foster conversation and closeness among its members.

What does it look like?

The leader of the group you or your family has been assigned will reach out to you let you know when the next meeting is. Each group is different and meetings are scheduled based on how the group decides to meet. It could be a monthly morning coffee & croissants at a local coffee shop, a lunch hour picnic in a park, after-work appetizers and happy hour at a favorite restaurant, a pot-luck dinner at a member’s home, or a beach outing with sandwiches and sodas. It’s up to you as a group! Possibilities are endless! We encourage each group to be creative in how they meet together! Your group will “steer its own ship” so to speak so you get to decide for yourselves how you want to “break bread” together. Remember - different is fun!  

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