Wedding Request

Wedding Information


Weddings are an opportunity for a church community to gather together to support and celebrate the family. At its most essential, a wedding gives testimony to the divinely given gift of human love. Indeed, in a very true sense, through faith and love, in marriage two people become one flesh. It is most appropriate then for weddings to be celebrated among friends and within the community of faith seeking the blessing of Almighty God.

Weddings in the church

Members of the Church

Members of the Church are encouraged to make arrangements with the pastor as early as possible. All floral and music arrangements shall be made by the wedding party. The church organist has preference if the church organ is to be used. There shall be no charge to any member of the congregation for the use of the building or the ministry of the pastor for the purpose of a wedding celebration.

Non members of the church

Nonmembers of the Church ​There are individuals who may not be part of a community of faith but who choose to commit themselves to one another under the auspices of the church. These occasions present opportunities for the church to extend the hand of Christian care and nurture. In order to make the St. Thomas Reformed Church available in such a way the following statement and fees shall guide the ministry of the church. 

​Nonmembers and friends may make arrangements for weddings either with the pastor or the church’s facilities coordinator. At the church’s convenience, these weddings may be scheduled. If the pastor of the St. Thomas Reformed Church is asked to officiate, he/she has the right to refuse to perform this service for any reason without explanation. If another pastor is to officiate, approval must be granted by the Board of Elders*. If the church organ is to be used, the church organist has preference and has the right to deny this privilege for any reason without explanation.

* This privilege is limited to ceremonies which are religious in nature. These ceremonies are to be performed by ordained clergy from recognized faith communities.

Usage Fees

  • Use of Building: 
  • $500 (includes ceremony, rehearsal –if needed, and sexton to open, close and clean before and after)
  • ​​Organist:​   
  • $200 for ceremony and an additional $100 if needed for separate rehearsal
  • ​​Pastor        
  • $200


These simple policies are established for the use of the church. They are not intended in any way make the church a “wedding mill” but to provide a guideline for the orderly use of the sanctuary of the St. Thomas Reformed Church.